Can woman expose her feeling?

Obrolan  ini terjadi beberapa hari yang lalu, dan ga sengaja terjadi ketika chat bersama teman expat kantor. Topik nya pun tanpa sadar muncul masalah wanita, hahahah. Ini saya tampilkan obrolan, maaf english saya agak amburadul, jadi mohon dimaklumi ya.

Friend : hi. still awake?
Me : hi pak, heheheh ya. Whole day only sleep, so can not sleep now
Friend : hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………you are chat with men……ah. ah i check!!!!!
Me : haaaisshhhh noooo, how can u check?
Friend : i have my friend God and he speak with me
Me :buaahahahah, u are so amazing pak,,please send message to GOD pak, send me that guy
Friend: only one??? i suggest take 3 and pay one ah ah
Me: haha, good idea pak.
Friend : better try one, two………..and more and after decision. the women must to be free for your decision
Me : hoooo, the woman can decision? not man?
Friend : i think also this. why always decision only men??
Me : the woman only wait, until someone choose her
Friend : no,no,no no i not agree
Me : yaaa, i think like that. we can not free to choose,
Friend : i think very fantastic if a women take decision and ask the man!!! if a women ask me lover i become crazy!!!good crazy
Me: hahahhahahaha
Friend: sure, sure, i no have problem if a women ask me, i happyif than this women i respect she and my opinion is very goodif than this women don like i respect shemy conviction that all people are equal and are free to express their emotions
Me: hooooo, it’s difficult to find man like u pak. because, man always girl in his heart.yaaaaaaa, i think woman cannot expose her heart and woman just only make decision agree or not to accept the guy
Friend : why you can’t expose if like the man?? why this different?? man yes women no,equal people
Me : mmmm, actually ya. but women always afraid that guy will not respect
Friend: this is always the great stupidity of meni have more respect for a women ask mealso after don’t like
Me : i’m so happy if all guys like you pak
Friend : for me this women in any case very fantastic,often we are stupid and we complicate lif
Me: and one the important thing pak, why woman afraid to expose ? after they say that she like guy, suddenly that guy will different with her because he don’t like her
Friend : the life it is very beautiful and need live full
Me : and that guy will not talk again with girl, and everything different not like usual
Friend : need push to change mind at all menneedbut also all women
Me : ya pak.hehehhe sorry pak, everything is only in my mind.thanks for discussion tonight before sleep *yawn*
Friend : ok, i hope i not offend your opiniongood night and see you tomorrow
Me: heheheeheheh no pak, good night. c u

Nah,, anda setuju dengan pendapat saya ato teman saya ini. Saya ga akan membahas masalah ini karena semuanya tergantung pada persepsi dan pemikiran tiap individu, karena persepsi setiap individu sering berbeda jika berkenaan dengan hati. Maaf ya apabila ada yang tidak setuju dan bahkan membuat galau  :D.


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