Jenis-Jenis Standard/Code dalam Design

Code/Standard merupakan salah satu bagian terpenting dalam sebuah design di dunia oil&Gas atau shipping. Karena didalam code, terdapat berbagai macama spesifikasi dan allowable terhadap design bangunan lepas pantai (offshore platform). Dibawah ini merupakan jenis-jenis code yang dipakai di dalam dunia oil&gas, shipping, atau steel construction building.

AA : Aluminium Association, USA
AAR : Association of American Railroads, USA
ABS : American Bureau of Shiping, USA
ACS : American Chemical Society, USA
AFB : MA Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association, USA
AGA : American Gas Association, USA
AGMA : American Gear Manufacturers Association, USA
AIIS : American Institute for International Steel, USA
AIME : American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical & Petroleum Engineers, USA.
AISA : Australian Independent Steel Association, Australia.
AISC : American Institute of Steel Construction, USA
AISI : American Iron and Steel Institute, USA
ALCOA : Aluminium Company of America, USA
AMS : Aerospace Material Specifications- SAE, USA
AN : Air Force-navy Aeronautical Standards, USA
ANSI : American National Standards Institute, USA
API : American Petroleum Institute, USA
AREA : American Railway Engineering Association, USA
AS : Australian Standards, Australia
ASA : American Standards Association, USA (USASI)
ASM : American Society for Metals, USA
ASME : American Society of Mechanical Engineers, USA
ASPA : Alloy Steel Producers Association, India
ASPIBI : Association of Indonesian Steel Ingot & Billet Manufacturers, Indonesia
ASTM : American Society for Testing and Materials, USA (ASHRAE)
ASTPM : Association of Steel Tube & Pipe Manufacturers of South Africa, South Africa.
AWPA : American Wire Producers Association, USA
AWS : American Welding Society, USA
BDS : Comite Supreme De I’Automobile, Frnace
BS : British Standards, UK
BV : Bureau Veritas, France
CCS : China Classification Society, China
CII : Confederation of Indian Instries, India
CIMM : Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, Canada
CNS : Chinese National Standards, Taiwan
CS : Commercial Standards, USA
CSA : Canadian Standards Association, Canada
CSB : Centrala Sjukvardsberedningen-SIS, Sweden
CSN : Ceskoslovenskych Norem, Czekoslovakaia
CSPA : Canadian Steel Producers Association, Canada
CGSB : Canadian Government Specification Board, Canada
DGN : Direccion General de Normas, Mexico
DIN : Deutsche Industrie-Norm, Germany
DNV : Det Norske Veritas, Norway
DS : Dansk Standards, Denmark
ECSC : European Coal & Steel Community, Europe
EISA : European Independent Steelworks Association, Europe
ENO : Greek Standards Committee, Technical Chamber of Greece, Greece.
EOS : Federal Specifications and Standards, USA
ESSDIG : European Stainless Steel Development & Information Group, Europe
ESTA : European Steel Tube Association, Europe
FS : Federal Specifications and Standards, USA
GAPBESI : Federation of the Indonesia iron & Steel Manufacturers Association,USA
GB : China Standards, China
GOST : State Committee on Standards, Russia
GL : Germanischer Lloyds, Germany
HDGASA : Hot Dip Galvanizers Association Southern Africa, South Africa
HEI : Heat Exchange Institute, USA
IBS : Instituto Brasileiro De Siderurgia, Brazil.
IFI : Industrial Fasteners Institute, USA
IISI : International Iron and Steel Institute
IlAFA : Instituto Latinoamericano del Fierro Y el Acero, Soth American
IP : Institute of Petroleum, UK
IPLOCA : International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors’ Association
IREPAS : International Rebars Exporters & Producers Association
IRSS : Indian Railway Standard Specification, India
ISI : Indian Standards, India
I.S. : Irish Standards, Ireland.
ISA : International Federation of the National Standardizing Association.
ISO : International Organization for Standardization.
IVES : Venezulean Steel Institute, Venezuela
JASCO : Japanese Automobile Standards Organization, Japan
JIS : Japan Industrial Standards, Japan.
JRS : Japanese National Railway Standards, Japan
KOSA : Korea Iron and Steel Association, Korea
KRS : Korean Register of Shiping, Korea
KS : Korean Standards. South Korea
LR : Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, UK
MAC : Mining Association of Canada, Canada
MBMA : Metal Building Manufacturers Association, USA
MCA : Metal Construction Association, USA
MIL : Military Specifications and Standards, USA
MNC : Metallnormcentralen-SIS, Sweden
MPIF : Metal Power Industries Federatin, USA
MRA : Metal Roofing Alliance, USA
MSCI : Metal Service Center Institute, USA
MSS : Manufacturers Standardisation Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, USA.
MSZ : Magyar Szabvanyugya Hivatal, Hungary.
NB : Normas Brasileiras, Brazil
NRN : Nederlandse Norms, Netherlands
NF : Norme Francaise, France
NK : Nippon Kaiji Kyolai, Japan
NP : Norma Portuguesa, Portugal
NS : Norsk Standard, Norway
NZSS : New Zealand Standard Specifications, New Zealand
NV : Norske Veritas, Norway
ONORM : Osterreichische Norm, Austria
PCA : Philippine Constructors Association, Philippine
PISI : Phillippine Iron & Steel Institute, Philippine
PMA : Precision Metalforming Association, USA
PN : Porska Norma, Poland
PSA : Philippine Steelmakers Association, Philippine
PRSS : Pakistan Railway Standard Specification, Pakistan
PS : Pakistan Standards, Pakistan
SAE : Society of Automotive Engineers, USA
SAISI : South African Iron and Steel Institute, South Africa
SEAISI : South-East Asia Iron & Steel Institute, South East Asia
SFS : Finlands Standardisering Kommission, Finland
SI : Israel Standars, Sweden
SIS : Swedish Standards Institute, Sweden
SMA : Steel Manufacturers Association, USA
STI : Steel Tube Institute of North America, North America
TS : Turk Satandardlari, Turkey
TSIIA : Taiwan Steel & Iron Industries Association, Taiwan
UIC : International Union of Railways
UNCO : Una Norma Colombiana, Colombia
UNE : Una Norma Espanola, Spain
UNI : Unificazione, Italy
USASI : United States of American Standards Institute, USA
VSM : Verein Schweizerischer Maschinenindustrieller, Switzerland
VDEH : Verein Deutscher Eisebgyttebkeyte, Germany

Pemakaian standard/code, tergantung dari perusahaan dan requisition dari client. Yang bekerja di dunia oil &gas atau shipping, harus familiar dengan salah satu code diatas. (ad)


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