i’ve been through many things. a good ones made me smile, a bad ones made me cry. but they wont stop me to keep standing and keep walking. dont worry, my dearest friend. we hurt, we scare, like everybodyelse in this world. if u hurt, if u scared, u’r not alone. we, allhuman in this planet, feel it too. cry if u may, but never stop to move on.
(mm, 15 Nov 2009)


One thought on “something

  1. i’ll always be your self (in Seria Proposal Daisuken)
    Tenang aja, kawan didunia ini banyak, dan orang2 nya banyak yang baik.
    Eh kq sama ya temanya…
    Ganti Ganti Ganti….
    G kreatif n isnisiatif ki

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